Make your Ideas stand out.
Communicate with more clarity.

Double your colours for double the impact and immediacy in your documents. ME series printers provide the power of two-colour printing at just a single pass, making it easy and convenient to give your documents a professionally finished look. RISO quality lets you communicate your ideas quickly, beautifully, easily, and usefully. And the highly durable ME series take various type of paper, making them more versatile than ever.

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Single Pass Dual Color Printing

The RISO ME6350 digital duplicator comes with dual drums. Compared to using single-colour digital duplicators for two-colour output, this reduces ink-drying time and the tasks of reinserting paper and changing drums. One simple action gives you the high-speed colour printing you need. (Single-colour printing using one drum is also possible.)

A two-drum layout for high-speed two-colour printing.

Riso ME6350-Dual color printing


High Speed Printing @ 150ppm

The RISO ME6350 features an adjustable five-speed function for printing between 60 and 120 pages per minute. It also has a high-speed mode that prints at a maximum speed of 150 pages per minute, or approximately 750 pages in five minutes.

Riso ME6350 - Print Cost

Note: Comparison of the RISO ME9350 (150 pages per minute) and a standard printer (30 A4-size pages per minute).

High Quality 

Sharp, rich images give your ideas the desired impact on the page

The RISO ME6350 digital duplicator both scans and prints information at a high resolution level of 600 dpi, producing sharp, clear images of even fine lines and small characters. The model uses the RISO Master E Type HG, with a two-layer ink-permeable sheet adding an extra fine-filter layer to the standard layer, enabling even ink transfer to the paper. It can also reproduce subtle colour gradations, enabling users to print clear copies of photos, shaded areas of images, and documents written in pencil.

High Quality Printing

Overwhelmingly Economical Print Costs

The RISO ME6350 first creates a master copy of the original document, from which prints are made. The printing cost per copy of a document goes down with every print, making the RISO ME6350 highly economical for large-volume printing. You can use the optional “A4/letter drum” to print these popular sizes even more efficiently to save master usage, holding down running costs to a minimum.

Overwhelmingly Economical Print Costs


Numerous Input Options

For users who create originals on a PC, the printer driver software automatically handles colour separation when the data is sent to the printer. Even if the printer is not connected to your PC or network, you can still print directly from your data file. Just save the file to a USB flash drive, connect the flash drive to the printer via the built-in USB port, and you’re ready to print. And of course you can print from copies scanned directly into the unit.

Print from hard copies, a computer, a USB drive, or stored data.

Various Color Options

The machine’s colour drum accommodates a wide variety of inks in 21 standard colours, 50 custom colours, plus special order-made colours that can give corporate logos an extra-special look. This huge selection of colours lets you add powerful impact to your documents. And because the ink is made by RISO, you’re assured of the highest quality results. Front panel access makes switching the drum quick and easy to change colour, too.

Riso ME6350 - Color Palatte

Simple and Reliable Security Features

By registering the names and PIN codes of authorised users, access can be restricted and misuse prevented. Instead of a PIN code, a USB flash drive*1 can also be used for authentication and registration.*2 The Protect function displays a message asking the user to transfer the master to the Master Disposal Box after printing is completed. For additional security, it is also possible to use a padlock to secure the Master Disposal Box.*3

security features

security features-1

1 Please contact a RISO sales executive for the kinds of USB flash drives that may be used.
*2 Either a PIN code or a USB flash drive can be selected as the authentication method.
*3 A padlock is not provided with the main unit. Please use a commercially available padlock.

Caring for the Environment

Recycled parts
Ink bottles and some parts for the ME series are made partially from recycled components.

Compliant with an international program that promotes energy saving in printing machines.

RoHS Directive
Compliant with the European Union directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

RISO Ink is made of eco-friendly soy oil
One of the ingredients of RISO INK is soy oil, making it a high-quality, eco-friendly product. It meets the soy oil content standards specified by the American Soybean Association and is certified to use the “CONTAINS SOYOIL” trademark.

Energy Star and Soyoil Logos


Versatile printing on different paper types.

The RISO ME6350 lets you use a wide range of paper types, giving you the perfect option for your job every time. Advertising fliers and leaflets, announcements, newsletters, tickets, business applications such as letterheads, reports and business cards, lesson materials, invitations, coupons; the list just goes on and on. If you can print it, it’s sure to look better with a second colour.

versatile printing


Master-making/printing methods High-speed digital master-making/full automatic printing
Original Type Book (10 kg or less), sheet
Resolution Scanning resolution: 600 dpi × 600 dpi
Printing image resolution: 300 dpi × 600 dpi
Original Size (min./max.) When using the Glass Platen: 50 mm × 90 mm – 310 mm × 432 mm
When using the Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:II (option): 100 mm × 148 mm – 310 mm × 432 mm
When using the Auto Document Feeder DX-1 (option): 105 mm × 128 mm – 297 mm × 432 mm
Original Paper Weight When using the Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:II (option): 50 gsm – 128 gsm
When using the Auto Document Feeder DX-1 (option):
Single-sided feeding: 40 gsm – 128 gsm
Duplex-sided feeding: 52 gsm – 105 gsm
Printing Paper Size (min./max.) Minimum size
– Dual-Color Print 182 mm × 257 mm
– Mono-Color Print (with Print Drum 1) 100 mm × 148 mm
– Mono-Color Print (with Print Drum 2) 182 mm × 257 mm
Maximum size
320 mm × 432 mm*
*Paper up to 555 mm from top to bottom may be used in the Extended Paper mode.
Paper Supply Capacity Approx. 1,000 sheets (80 gsm) /Maximum Height 110 mm
Paper Receiving Capacity Approx. 1,000 sheets (80 gsm) /Maximum Height 110 mm
Printing Paper Weight 46 gsm – 210 gsm
Image Processing Mode Line, Photo (Standard/Portrait/Group), Duo (Line/Photo/Shadow off), Pencil (Darker/Lighter)
Master-making Time (for A4/short edge feed/ 100% reproduction ratio) Approx. 57 seconds (for Dual-Color print)
Approx. 24 seconds (for Mono-Color print (Drum 1))
Approx. 34 seconds (for Mono-Color print (Drum 2, when Print Drum 1 is not set)
Printing Area (max.) 291 mm × 413 mm
Print Reproduction Ratio Zoom: 50 – 200%
Standard reproduction ratio (enlargement): 163%, 141%, 122%, 116%
Standard reproduction ratio (reduction): 87%, 82%, 71%, 61%
Margin+: 90 – 99%
Print Speed 60 – 120 sheets per minute (Control panel: five steps variable)
150 sheets per minute (Touch panel: “High Speed”)
Print Position Adjustment Vertical: ±15 mm
Horizontal: ±10 mm
Ink Supply Fully automatic (1,000 ml per cartridge)
Master Supply/Disposal Fully automatic (approx. 220 sheets per roll)
Master Disposal Capacity 80 sheets per box
User Interface LCD Touch Panel with Progress Arrow indicators
Operating Noise Max. 66 dB(A) (when printing 100 sheets per minute)
Power Source AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz <7.3-3.0 A>
Power Consumption (without option) Max. 600 W (100 V) / 580 W (220 V)
At Ready: approx. 53 W (100 V, 220 V)
At Sleep: approx. 2 W (100 V, 220 V)
Functions Print Mode (Dual-color/Mono-color), Auto Document Feeder (optional), Direct Print, Scanning Contrast (Manual/Auto), Paper Size detection, Auto- Process, Dot Process (4 types), Contrast Adjustment, Tone Curve, Ink Saving, Multi-Up Print (2 up/Single-Original/ Multiple-Original/Multi-Up Tickets), Layout, Book Shadow, Top Margin, Binding Margin, Max. Scan, Easy 2-Color, Preview, One Side Master Make, Print Speed Adjustment, Print Density Adjustment, Print Position Adjustment, 1=2 Alignment, Proof, Double Feed Check, Interval Printing, Jump Wing Control, Special Paper Control, User Management, Programmed Printing (3 types), Job Memory, Confidential mode, Reservation, Idling, Renew Page, Output Reversal, ADF Semi-Auto (with optional ADF unit installed), Scanning Side (with optional ADF DX-1), Rotate, ID Counter Report, My Direct Access, Admin. Mode, Auto 90° Rotation, SW. Color, Energy Saving Mode (Auto Sleep, Auto Power-OFF), Editor, Direct Access Entry, Selections Entry, Custom Paper Entry, Protect, Scan Mode (with optional memory card or USB Flash Drive), Storage memory (with optional memory card), USB Job List (with USB Flash Drive), Overlay (with optional memory card or USB Flash Drive), Stamp, Management of Consumables, RISO i Quality System
Dimensions When in use: 1,625 mm (W) × 735 mm (D) × 740 mm (H)
When in storage: 1,005 mm (W) × 735 mm (D) × 740 mm (H)
Required Space*1 1,715 mm (W) x 1,330 mm (D) x 1,555 mm (H)
Weight*2 Approx. 170 kg
Safety Standard IEC-60950-1 compliant, Indoor, pollution degree 2*3, At altitudes of 2,000 m or lower

Please note that due to improvements and changes to the machine, some images and explanations in this manual may not correspond to your machine.
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*1 The height includes the height of the RISO stand D type (II).

*2 The weight does not include Ink and Master.

*3 The pollution degree of the usage environment due to dirt and dust in the air. Degree “2” corresponds to general indoor environment.

Shipping & Delivery

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